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Does anyone know the where abouts of Dee Shufeldt. I believe he was an ET Nav type

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Hey Horace. I remember Dee. There is a blurry line between A school and the boat though, because I seem to have memories of him both at Dam Neck and the boat. Not sure which is true or both are true. In any case I do not know where he is. I tried to see if I could get the exact spelling of his name and to see if he had a different real first name. That lead me to this on

His profile there said he spent 20 years in the Navy, so it could be him. Good luck.

I also found a Loren D Shufeldt on facebook. You can check him out here:
I have Dee's email address at work. Ihave traded some email with him over the years. I will try to send him a message Monday and give him the address to our page.
I am right here, that is where I am. Joe, I got your message and thanks for the invite. Stan this is a great site. Horace, long time no see. How are you all doing? Been a lot going on in my life but that seems to be true for everyone.

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