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OOOOOOOOOLIE question - who can answer this one?

I have forgotten so many things, but I am amazed at some of the insignificant things that I will never forget. I don't know why this one stuck with me for all of these years, but it did. So now I ask you... does anyone remember what Circuit EP was and what it was used for? Any takers?

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EO Huh? No idea. Unless it had to do with hoovering.
OK - I guess I will reveal the answer now. Surely everyone remembers the shiny brass voice tubes used in the engineering spaces. The voice tubes had a "call button" which was used to ring a bell at the other end of the voice tube to get the attention of the watchstander at that end. Both ends had the "call button" so the call could be initiated from either end. The circuit used for the call button signal was Circuit EP.
I was scared to go back there. The guys told me I would glow in the dark and my hair would fall out. It's got to be true, I went back there a couple of times. I don't glow but......
Hi Stan. Any plans on a reunion this Summer?

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