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Would like to make contact with Sonar Techs: Frank Konnicki ST2 (SS) - STC (SS) COB Blue, Archie Cummins STS2 (SS) -STS1 (SS), Bobby Hess STS2 (SS), Ernest Bergstrom STG 3 - STS2 (SS)! Jimmy Clark STC(SS) Passed away in 2000. They are the sonar gang Blue plank-owners

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I can't help you in locating the sonar gang plank owners that you named above. But I'm wondering if you knew that Konicki was elevated to COB within a week after he made Chief. I'm not a plank owner, but I made the first 7 Blue patrols, and I believe that Konicki took over as COB right after QMC Dunn.
If any-one hears of any of the let know that I'm interested in contacting them! Yes I knew that Frank made COB after making chief. I had made 2nd at the same time in fact everyone that went up for rate made it in the sonar gang. Chief Clark was the only 1 not to go up for rate.

Frank was made COB Because Clark was still on-board and Dunn had been transferred. COB was supposed to be the most senior chief on-board but they all had jobs to do in their own dept's and frank was free. The Chiefs all voted to give the job to Frank. It was the 1st time in sub history that it had happened plus he was the youngest COB in the navy at the time

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